Hang up your vinyl record?

Jouw LP ophangen?

Looking for Ways to Hang Your LP? Share Your Inspiration!

Searching for ways to hang your LP? Inspiration acts like a spark. Contribute your spark by showing us where your vinyl record framevinyl record holder, or vinyl record album shelf is situated. Is it in the hobby room, living room, hallway, or the mancave? And which artist or album graces your wall? We're curious, and not just us! Together, let's build a community where we inspire each other.

Seeking Inspiration?

Need some ideas? You're in the right place. See how others have hung their vinyl accessories. Whether it's above certain instruments, next to the turntable, or beside the poster of a favorite artist. Perhaps you'll spot an album on the wall that you also own. Saves you a trip to the attic! Handy! Which albums do you think stand out the most? Which spot on the vinyl record frame surprised you in others? Let us know by commenting below the blog!

LP Frame at Bert's Place: At Bert's home, the vinyl record frame proudly displays an album by Bob Dylan. The colors of the cover perfectly complement the wood of the vinyl record frame. The vinyl record on the wall, next to the guitar, completes the picture. Bert informed us that he used a self-adhesive nail.

LP Frame at Jan-Willem's Place: Jan-Willem sent us a beautiful photo of the LP display system featuring the Queen album. The album is well-known for the band and the music, but the album cover also deserves a spot on the wall! The white background focuses attention on the colors in the middle of the cover. Great photo, Jan Willem! We're happy to use it.

LP Frame at Sam's Studio: In his studio, Sam has an LP frame featuring A$AP Rocky's album. When Sam is working on music, which is often, he frequently swaps out the vinyl record on the wall. It's great to be able to look at the album while the speakers do the work.

Hopefully, Sam becomes the next generation vinyl collector, and many more photos follow, Sam!

Build the Community! Does your vinyl record frame stand out as well? Proud of the spot you've given the LP frame and your musical taste? Share it! Follow us on Instagram and tag photos of your LP frame with #delistvinyl.

Together, let's build a community where musical taste and decoration come together. Who knows where this will lead?