Unique and personal Mother's Day gift

Uniek en persoonlijk Moederdag cadeau

Mother's Day: the moment to put your mother in the spotlight. And rightly so, it has been tough for many mothers in the past period, suddenly having to be the teacher as well. This Mother's Day is your perfect opportunity to pamper her. Surprise your mother with a unique and personal Mother's Day gift!

Personal gift

Become the most attentive partner or make yourself the favorite: give an LP frame, LP wall shelf or LP holders as a Mother's Day gift. A beautifully finished LP frame gives your favorite (old) vinyl records a second life as a personal decoration. Not a record collector? No argument, get her favorite LP record here as a gift and show that you know what is music to her ears. This way you also support the artist and the record store. Rarely do you kill so many birds with one stone.

For every artist, album or song

We have suitable formats of LP lists for both singles and albums. So if your mother is crazy about (for example) Adele: hang the album LP on the wall. Is your mother always whistling that one song? Or does she have valuable memories of one specific song? Then the LP list for singles provides a great solution for her.

For every interior

Our LP accessories are easy to hang on the wall. The vinyl records are also scratch-free and safe to replace. So if your mother gets tired of the LP on the wall, she can exchange it for another vinyl record. This way you immediately have a different interior with the LP decoration from De List Vinyl.

Vinyl record frame

The classic LP hanging system made of wood is suitable for any room in the house. The wooden vinyl frame radiates tranquility and adds a natural accent to the LP on the wall. Is your partner or mother a fan of an album that has bright colors? Or do you have a modern look at home? We have also designed an LP exchange list for this. Also take a look at the dark record frame , which is entirely in service of the colored vinyl records and the LP cover.

LP wall shelf

Do you have some more wall space and would you like to store some LPs? Then the LP wall shelf is perfect for you! You can store up to 15 vinyl records and show what you're listening to. Boost your vinyl setting with the LP wall shelf!

LP holders

Go for flexibility with the LP holders. The unique LP holders ensure that you can build your vinyl wall the way you want. Horizontal or vertical? With the LP holders you are free to hang your LPs the way you want. Boost your vinyl setting with the LP holders!

300 people preceded you

Do you want to give the perfect personal Mother's Day gift? Provide the LP list of De List Vinyl! Last year, 300 people preceded you in giving an LP hanging system as a personal gift. We receive a lot of messages from both the givers and the lucky ones with photos of the LP hanging on the wall. Giving our LP hanging system is more than a present, it is a personal gift.

Make the blitz and spread the word! 😉