Hang up vinyl records

Vinylplaten ophangen

Yessss, you can have yours hang up vinyl records with our LP accessories . What a party! Unfortunately, in recent months we have been left empty-handed, dry, behind the net. The vinyl frames sold like hot cakes during the holidays. Much harder than expected. We are of course very happy with this. Thank you for this successful period! We are pleased that many pre-orders came in after the natural oak frame was sold out. An extra push and that there is real enthusiasm for our vinyl record frames!

Still keep sharing photos!

You guys keep putting out LPs every week. How great! Great to see and we will continue to encourage it! One tip to put the finishing touches on it: take a complete photo of the music setting including the vinyl frame, furniture, cabinets, plants or racks. This is how we prefer to see them and your photo has a chance to be placed on our website Facebook and Instagram accounts. That was it!

New product: LP holder

We'll make it exciting, won't we? We are currently producing a new product. This product also aims to: vinyl to hang on the wall , but with a new and more subtle look. We will keep you informed with updates on this, and possible release dates.