Wooden LP exchange frame

Houten LP wissellijst

De List Vinyl is the first Dutch company to offer LP exchange lists produces. And we are the only company that chooses to... LP frame made of wood to make.

Together with local woodworkers we join forces to design the wooden frames, polish them, finish them with oil and let them dry. We go for the 10+ when it comes to appearance.

De List Vinyl is convinced that every album you are proud of deserves to be seen! The LP list is the instrument and serves the album. Every album! Cheaper, plastic options do not meet our expectations and cannot meet these expectations. Craftsmanship, quality and home-grown wood!

Us LP hanging system is specially made for vinyl listener. For the collector who likes to see favorite albums framed and can be played on the record player in an instant. This way the cover of the vinyl record also gets the attention it deserves!

The LP wall plate

Want to easily hang your favorite vinyl records on the wall? Our LP list, also called a wall plate, is perfect for this! How about a nice place in the man cave, living room, bedroom, office or study. The LP exchange list is a must-have for every vinyl fanatic! Check out our LP list !

The hanging system

The back of our LP frame has four notches. These provide the opportunity to hang and mirror the interchangeable frame! De List Vinyl supplies a cardboard dimension board as standard to indicate the distance of the notches on the wall.

Don't want holes in your wall? As an alternative, use an adhesive nail! The adhesive nails have enough load-bearing capacity to attach the LP frame to the wall and do not leave any marks on the wall. The adhesive nails can be purchased at the hardware store.

Our LP Lists can be ordered at Bol.com .

LP accessories

Nowadays we have expanded our range with the LP holders and LP wall shelf . Each product has its own USPs. View our LP range today !

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