LP list - 12 inches: Specials

LP lijst - 12 inch: Specials

We at De List Vinyl do not sit still and have stepped up to bring truly exclusive wall decoration to the market: the LP frame - 12 inches: Specials. We have already come up with a beautiful LP hanging system to hang your favorite LP on the wall. This LP frame has a square and offers space to do something cool with it! That's how you get really something special on the wall .

LP list: Specials

After an evening of throwing around good ideas, something concrete emerged: the 12 inch LP list: Specials . The Special LP frame is a variant of the oak record holder with an extra element. On the square part of the LP frame we have engraved a well-known logo with random contours superband . These LP List Specials come in limited editions, so they are genuine exclusive wall decoration . We prefer to publish a Special every month with a different, recognizable logo. Don't you want to miss out on this exclusive wall decoration? Do you want also something special on the wall ? Then read on.

How does it work?

Every month we release new Specials with something unique on the square part of the LP list. Through this page you will find all Specials that have been released so far. We are making a limited edition of the exclusive wall decoration, so make sure you get yours quickly. The next release it will be a different logo!

LP list Special collaboration

We developed the Special record holder with Laser Engraving Service in Aalten. Advanced laser techniques were used to break through the first layer of the LP frame. Contours were also applied to the LP exchange frame to clarify the logo. Take here take a look at our new record holders, and give your opinion!

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