New! LP list - Black 12 inch (albums)

Nieuw! LP lijst - Zwart 12 inch (albums)

We proudly introduce latest list: 12 inch LP frame – Black ! 🎉 We were able to switch quickly so that we could process your feedback. It is now possible to hang a black LP exchange frame on the wall to display your favorite 12 inch vinyl record!

The model of the black version is the same as the oak version, only the black version is completely black in color. This LP frame is also intended for hanging 12 inch vinyl records. The colorful album covers splashes extra good from this LP list! Or how about the colored vinyl records ? Which album will you take out of the box to see pop into the LP exchange list?

About the LP exchange lists

The LP frame makes it possible to hang your favorite 12 inch vinyl on the wall to give the album cover extra attention. The perfect gift and attention grabber at every party and housewarming. The first batch of exchange lists flew out the door! You let us know, next to the 12 inch LP frame - Oak , also want a black version. A wonderful idea, of course, and one that De List Vinyl is happy to contribute to.

We try to listen to your wishes as much as possible. Our next project? We'll keep that to ourselves for a while, but if you've been keeping an eye on the site you can guess! Do you have any comments/questions/comments for De List Vinyl? Let us know and contact us!

Take a look at our new gem. Prefer the LP list to order? That is also possible!

LP holders

We recently also made LP holders available! The LP holders are very flexible so you have the option to make your vinyl wall the way you want it. In addition, our vinyl holders are made of solid oak. View the LP holders here !

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