Hang up LP

LP ophangen

Vinyl records are trending again! It is therefore not surprising that more and more people are looking for a way to hang their favorite vinyl records. Hanging the LP on the wall is a great solution! Our handmade, wooden LP hanging systems offer the ideal solution for this. And a nice extra: your order plants one new tree!


LP wall shelf

The LP wall shelf offers space for 15 albums! At the same time you boost your vinyl setting into a unique place in the room! View the LP wall shelf here .


LP list

With the LP frame you create a unique setting. Hang your favorite LP record in the LP frame. Make a vinyl setting that no one has! Boost your vinyl setting with the LP frame - 12 inches.

LP holders

LP holders

With the LP holder you have flexibility in your hands. This is how you create your unique vinyl wall that no one has! Boost your vinyl setting with the LP holders.


Our LP hanging system consists of three unique products: the LP wall shelf, the LP frame and the LP holder. The LP wall shelf is suitable for storing 15 vinyl records. This not only gives a nice look, but also makes it easy to find your favorite records quickly. The LP frame is a decorative and functional item where the vinyl record comes halfway out of the frame. This gives a unique look to your room. Hanging the LP on the wall with this frame is very easy! Finally, we have the LP holder, a minimalist design that is perfect for hanging one special record.

Easy to hang LPs

Our products are made of high-quality oak and are all handmade in the Achterhoek. They are not only beautiful to look at, but also very easy to hang. Hanging the LP on the wall with these products is super easy and creates a unique look in your room.

Your order = 1 new tree

With our LP hanging system you create a unique look in your room and give your vinyl records the attention they deserve. Moreover, we plant a new tree with every order, because we attach great importance to sustainability. In this way we contribute to a better world.

In conclusion, the LP hanging system of our handmade wooden products not only offers a practical solution for storing vinyl records, but also a unique look to your room. With high quality oak wood, durability and easy installation, this is the perfect way to display your vinyl records.

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