This is how you set up a man cave

Mancave inrichten doe je zo

The List Vinyl is made for the design of your man cave . Perfect for a gift from your buddy's man cave. Or as decoration for your own man cave ! You've come to the right place at List Vinyl.

Wall decoration Mancave

The man cave is the place where you retreat. Where you listen to your favorite music with your favorite people. But the man cave design is difficult and can quickly become boring. The standard man cave decoration can be found everywhere.

We believe that your personal space deserves a personal man cave decoration. Our LP holder or LP list will help you with that. Show what you're listening and setting up a man cave is suddenly easy. Not unimportant: our products ensure that you can easily adapt the man cave decoration to the visit, the occasion or the season!

Something special on the wall

With our LP frames or LP holders you can transform your man cave into a unique bunker where you can candidly invite your mates for an ice-cold, well-deserved beer. Once you have covered your wall with the LP holder or LP frame, you immediately have a hook for a good conversation. A record by The Beatles or a series by Michael Jackson, you always have something special on your wall. With this exclusive wall decoration you can transform your man cave into a warm, musical environment.

Setting up the man cave

Difficult? Not really. Everyone can do it with De List Vinyl. Discover our LP accessories here!

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