Our first product: the LP list for albums

Ons eerste product: de LP lijst voor albums

Your favorite Hang up LP you do with the new one LP list from De List Vinyl. With this LP hanging system is it possible to easily create one LP on the wall to hang. Every music lover or LP collector has a favorite record that he/she can't stop talking about. De List has it especially for these music fanatics LP hanging system developed. The vinyl record with cover becomes a decoration in no time. This allows the LP to get the attention it deserves.

LP on the wall

The LP frame is an addition to your home decoration. Wherever it may hang: in the living room, bedroom, office or in your man cave above the bar. The cover on the sleeve is also as unique as the music inside! Why store the vinyl record and cover in a dusty box in the attic, when they can also look great as an interior design? Show which record you have special memories of and what you stand for!

LP hanging system

It is of course also the intention that the LP is used for what it was made for: the record player. To bring back the memory, to go back to that special moment. That's exactly why we have it LP hanging system designed to be user-friendly and easy to remove the vinyl sheet from the wall, onto the record player to lay. Also, to hang the next album on it again LP hanging system .

Which LP would you like to hang as decoration on the wall ? View the LP list here!

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