Vinyl album shelf

Discover the vinyl album shelf

The vinyl album shelf is a storage solution and a vinyl display in one. This product showcases your musical preferences, paired with a classic, sleek, and contemporary vinyl album hanging system. With the vinyl album shelf, you can store up to 15 vinyl records on the wall. The product combines a vinyl record storage system with a contemporary, natural look crafted from laminated oak wood. Hanging the vinyl record storage system with 15 records on the wall is easy, and you can learn more about it below!

Vinyl shelf dimensions

The vinyl album shelf is one meter long, providing space for 3 vinyl records placed side by side. The shelf is 7 centimeters wide, allowing up to 5 vinyl records to stand behind each other. In total, the vinyl record storage system can accommodate 15 records. The vinyl album shelf measures 100 centimeters in length, 7 centimeters in width, and 4 centimeters in height. It features a small ledge of 2 centimeters at the front to prevent vinyl records from sliding off the shelf, ensuring the safety of your vinyl records on the wall.

Vinyl album colors

You can customize the color of the vinyl album shelf to suit your interior preferences. The vinyl record storage, crafted from laminated oak wood, is engraved and sanded, but we do not apply any lacquer. Customers can personally choose the color of the product by applying additional lacquer or oil. Want to learn more? Read about it in our blog.

Vinyl album shelf second chances

Sometimes, our vinyl album shelves may look slightly different than intended, perhaps due to a scratch or a wood grain running across the product. It can happen, and we find it charming. However, we understand that it may not be everyone's preference. That's why we value these products as 'second chances.' These vinyl record storage systems are offered at a fixed discount, allowing us to avoid unnecessary waste of good wooden products, and you get to save on your vinyl setting! Please note that 'second chances' are not eligible for returns.

Hanging your vinyl record storage systems

Assembling a vinyl album shelf to store your vinyl collection on the wall is simple. The record storage system has two pre-drilled holes, and screws and plugs are included with the vinyl album shelf. The package also contains a cardboard template with holes, making it easy for you to mark the holes on the wall. So, all you need is a drill and your own vinyl records. Hanging the vinyl album on the wall has never been so straightforward!