Because all our products are made of wood, it is our responsibility to actively replant trees. Our wood is sourced from European production forests, and active replanting takes place after tree harvesting.

Additionally, for every order, we plant an additional tree through One Tree Planted. These trees can be planted anywhere in the world, for us with a focus on planting in Africa. The new trees are chosen to match the original natural habitat, and the planting is carried out by the local population.

During checkout, you have the option to choose to plant more trees by making a donation. Every donation is transferred to One Tree Planted, with each euro representing one tree!

Plant een nieuwe boom


Plant a new tree

We plant a new tree with every order. Help replant the world.

Plant a tree today

With an eye for the world of tomorrow

Sustainable wood

Our products are made from wood sourced in Europe. Our sustainable production partners carefully select trees from designated forest areas. No harm is done to nature in the process. Our chain partners actively plant new trees for the forest of tomorrow.

Local, social & honest

Our products also consider people. A fair price is paid for the wood, free from exploitation, and mindful of the local population. The List Vinyl has an ear and an eye for music, nature, and humanity.

One new tree per order

Since 2022, we plant one new tree with every order. We do this in various locations around the world in collaboration with our partner, Since our partnership began, we have already planted more than 750+ trees!


Our production partners prioritize both nature and humanity. Fair prices are paid for the wood. We exclusively collaborate with local social entities for production, finishing, and packaging & order fulfillment.


The wood for our production comes from Europe. Our production partners carefully choose trees from designated forest areas, ensuring no harm is done to nature. Additionally, our chain partners actively participate in planting new trees for the forest of tomorrow.

Our products are made in the Achterhoek. We only do this with companies that have a social character. Local, sustainable and social.

With our partner One Tree Planted we plant one new tree per order. In this way we give back more to nature than we ask for.

Through One Tree Planted's various projects, we plant trees throughout the world, with the focus for 2022 and 2023 on Africa.