Color vinyl

Color vinyl

A colored vinyl record  is and remains an interesting branch within the vinyl record industry. Some vinyl record collectors swear by it. Others won't have any of it. We at De List Vinyl? You can read that below.

History and introduction colored vinyl

Where do those colored records come from and who started them? Colored vinyl records are actually not as new as you might think. The first colored LPs were produced early in the twentieth century on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

A side note here is: colored vinyl should be read as anything that is not a black vinyl record. Think of a brown/red color. Blue vinyl records were also soon produced. The purpose of these records? Actually the same as today's colored records: more noticeable than the black LPs. So from a commercial point of view. Although producers at the time claimed that the colored vinyl records would last longer or produce better sound. Standing out and selling is what matters, both now and in the past.

Do you want to know everything about colored vinyl records throughout history? Then check out this blog.

Colored vinyl in the here and now

Nowadays you have colored vinyls in all possible colors. Think of one color, or a double LP album where each vinyl record has its own separate color. Multiple colors on one vinyl record? No problem! You can't imagine it being pressed. Do you already own a colored vinyl ? Hang the vinyl record on the wall! In our black vinyl record frame and your colored vinyl it's a party on the wall. 

Are there also disadvantages to the colored LPs? Some sources claim that a colored vinyl record reduces sound quality. This used to be the case, but nowadays you can safely buy a colored vinyl without the quality of the sound going down. One side note: glow in the dark vinyl records, transparent LPs and picture disks are still susceptible to lower quality, but this is not always the case. In any case, you need a trained ear to hear the difference.

Show what you're listening 2.0

Regardless of the quality mark of vinyl records, there are pearls of beautiful colored vinyl records in circulation. We at De List Vinyl love it. The music does not change at its core and the vinyl record is also in style with the LP cover or the general image that the artist radiates.

Appearance is the word when you want to upgrade not only the music, but the overall appearance of the vinyl record. The colored vinyl records become even more beautiful in our black LP frame . It doesn't matter whether it's an album or a single: colored vinyl & black LP frames are a match.

Do you also want to add a cool colored vinyl record to your collection? Purely for the music to show off, it doesn't matter what you want! Colored vinyl records are available at various record stores.

Splatter vinyl & picture disk

In our next blog we will continue with the speckled vinyl records. So one step further! We also discuss the picture disk, a picture for the eye. But also for the ear? Until the next!