Father's Day gift

Vaderdag cadeau

Father's Day is just around the corner! The day when you have to listen to “Everything used to be better, then you had..”. Believe us, not everything was better in the past. We still had to catch our Pokemon on the Gameboy. Now they do that on the beach of Scheveningen with about 300 peers. Not used to anything.

Seize the show

Still, Father's Day is the day you hear the whole story again. How he visited all Herman Brood's performances and they turned out the lights together. How he was on the bus with the Stones on the way to the same concert. Nowadays we call this 'before it was cool'. The key question for Father's Day remains: have you managed to get a nice Father's Day gift? One that shows that you have actually heard and remembered all his stories?

Father's Day SALE!

Hear, hear! Have you ever thought about an vinyl record frame? Such a cool one from De List Vinyl that you can use to show that you enjoyed Father's Day. The LP frame gives you a stage and your father becomes the blitz with his mates. Look good and score the record frame for albums and one 7 inch LP frames for his favorite single.

Our LP lists for singles (7 inch) are especially for Father's Day. and the 12 inch LP frames black LP frames on sale!

Is the motorcycle club coming to visit? Then he quickly hangs Iron Maiden on the wall via his own LP list. When the pastor comes to visit, he leaves Iron Maiden hanging mainly to make a statement. In fact, he never uses the change function of the LP change list. But that doesn't matter to you or us, right? As long as he's having fun.

Is your father not into music, but more into old cars? No problem! Nail an LP frame to the roof of his old timer. Then it will also be a Father's Day you will never forget. Check here to score your Father's Day gift.