Mancave decoration

Mancave decoratie

Nothing beats your own spot. We get that! A bar to toast with mates, throw a dart, play cards, play a bit of gaming or watch a series. Everything is possible and everything is allowed! Or have you set special rules? Regardless of your interpretation, a beautiful interior should not be missed! While you're at it, consider some personal decoration.

Many preceded you by decorating their man cave with ours vinyl record frame. We've prepared a few entries for you below. Hopefully we will soon receive a photo of your man cave including your own vinyl record frames!

Keep sending them!

Such fun! Thank you for sending all your beautiful photos of the singles frames and album framesHanging LP frames . We see bedrooms, living rooms and photos of complete vinyl settings. And they all proudly have an LP on their wall. What we hoped for a year ago has become reality: personalized wall decorations. Right in the man cave. Yessssss

LP frame in your mancave

Of course we understand that all too well! If you are a music fanatic, you have a record player in your man cave and you are looking for wall decoration for your man cave, you are in the right place. or black 12 inch vinyl frames sold immediately!

The 12-inch vinyl frame variant has a robust, vintage appearance, allowing it to fit seamlessly into the interior of any room. The LP change frame is designed to carry and show off your favorite music album to your friends, family and anyone who comes into your save space.

We received the following quote which we shamelessly copy: “Quietly chilling with the comrades in the man cave, Fat Boy Slim record in the background. I take a sip (beer: ed.) and it is my turn to choose which record will be played next. Before Fat Boy Slim is finished, the choice made must be placed in the 12 inch LP list . These are the rules in the man cave. Gold."

Send us your man cave design

We received another beautiful photo. Nikki shows that he has hung the 12 and 7 inch oak LP frame in a cool way! The 7 inch vinyl frame hangs between the two acoustic guitars, which is ' overlooked ' by the larger variant. What a great composition! We think it's great that you come up with creative ways to decorate your favorite spot in the house with vinyl records. We would like to see more pictures like this. Keep sending them! <3