New! LP list 7 inch (Singles)

Nieuw! LP lijst 7 inch (Singles)

There they are, the 7 inch LP frames ! We received a lot of requests for a 7 inch (single) version of ours current 12 inch LP list to release. The List Vinyl are not the worst, so we listened and put the pedal to the metal!

When you think of your favorite record, do the corners of your mouth move towards both ears? Now it is possible to immortalize that one plate on the wall!

The 7 inch LP frame for singles is specially designed to hang your favorite single on the wall. That one favorite record on which you were married, of which you have the most beautiful memories, or which is your song. This plate can now easily be hung on the wall to get the attention it deserves.

We have heard from you that the 12 and 7 inch frames are often used as (housewarming) gifts. We think that's really cool! That's how the list is meant to remember and show your favorite moment!

Vinyl frame specifications

We designed and produced the 7 inch vinyl frames with our regular Dutch professionals. The dimensions of a 7 inch LP frame are 40x25 cm and are suitable for hanging singles on the wall. The 7 inch LP display comes in two variants: oak and black . The 4 holes in the back of the wall plate make it easy to hang the LP frame.

The combination of 12 and 7 inch vinyl frame is an eye-catcher in every (living) room. Check for yourself!

Oak variant

The material of the 7 inch Oak consists of birch plywood of 18mm thick with an oak finish and felt protective layer. Because the wall plate is oiled, the frame has a classic, neat appearance.

Black variant

The material of the 7 inch black LP frame consists of painted and cut to size MDF board of 18mm thick with a felt protective layer. The cool black look of the vinyl frame gives your interior a big boost.