OneTreePlanted collaboration


Hey music fanatics and nature lovers, we have some exciting news to share that will make your vinyl heart beat faster! At De List Vinyl we've always been about taking your LP game to the next level, but now we're going one step further by making a difference in the world.

1 new tree per order

Let us introduce you to our newest groove: we've joined forces with the amazing team at OneTreePlanted to combine our passion for music with our desire to give back to Mother Nature. How? Well, for every piece of vinyl happiness you order from us, we not only plant a seed of joy in your collection, but also a brand new tree back in the earth!

Dutch production

So, why trees? Here's the connection: Our fantastic wooden products, handmade with love in the beautiful Achterhoek, are like a tribute to the warmth and texture of nature. From our sleek LP holders to our stylish LP frames and wall shelves, wood is the essence of our vibes. It's only fair that we give back to the source that inspired us so much.

Planting trees in Africa

But wait, there's more! Our tree planting mission extends all over the world, with a special focus on the beautiful continent of Africa. Here we not only want to plant trees, but also contribute to the protection of biodiversity and the livelihood of local communities. We believe that music and nature go hand in hand, and our collaboration with OneTreePlanted is a harmonious symphony of these values. 🦓🌳

This is no ordinary collaboration for us - it is a heartwarming harmony of our love for music and our commitment to sustainability. With every order you place, you contribute to our collective efforts to make a lasting impact. We don't just want to play a record, we also want to make a positive difference in the world we love.

So, let's ride the ride together! Every time you choose one of our unique wooden products, you will not only help enhance your vinyl collection, but also enrich the earth with new life. De List Vinyl and OneTreePlanted, dancing together towards a future where music and nature come together. 🌳🎶✨