Product update: vinyl record fame - Black (albums)

Product update: LP lijst - Zwart (albums)

We are proud to announce that the black vinyl record frame black will be in stock soon! Why did it take (so terribly) long? We have taken this moment to update the vinyl record frame. What exactly? 

Vinyl record frame black 2.0

We have given the vinyl record frame a new look. The black MDF board has been replaced with the same wood as the record frame oak. A birch wood board with an oak veneer layer. This also gives the black frame the wooden look. The sign is deeply dark colored by the black lacquer layer and has a really cool look. You can still see the wood grains. It's going to be super cool!

We have left a little more space between the clips and the board into which the cover is slid. This way your LP cover sits comfortably in the record frame. We also used this application for the oak 12 inch LP frame .

Due to the sleek lacquer layer, we omit the thin oil layer of the record frame. The black and wood are beautifully reflected in the product as it is now.


We are overwhelmed by the number of pre-orders from you. Some have been waiting since early this summer; thanks for the patience! We had to go back to the drawing board a little more often than estimated. Well, while you're at it, you might as well do it well, right?!

Do you want to be sure that not all black LP frames are sold out shortly after they are online? Pre-order the LP list for free HERE to click. We will notify you when they come online. Going live is expected in mid-November. See you soon!

Greetings Jens and Melvin