Product upgrade: record frame oak

Vernieuwde LP lijsten - Eik (albums)

The List Vinyl has performed an upgrade for the black and oak record frames. Details about the changes made to the black record frame can be found in our other blog: Product Update Black 12-Inch LP Frame. Here, we'll discuss the modifications made to the beloved vinyl record frame oak!

Upgraded Vinyl record frame oak

The vinyl frame for albums has been a classic product at The List Vinyl, and it remains our best-seller! The vinyl record frame made from oak wood has undergone a subtle revision. We've put our heads together to enhance the quality of our frames even further. The upgraded LP frames no longer feature an oil finish; instead, they now boast a sleek lacquer coating. The lacquer leaves a strong impression and highlights the wood grains. As the wood grains differ for each frame, every upgraded vinyl record frame becomes a unique wall decoration!

We've also increased the space between the clips and the board where the cover is slid in, ensuring the record cover comfortably fits in the vinyl record frame. This improvement has been applied to the black frame as well.

Vinyl record holder

Recently, we introduced the vinyl record holder to our record assortment, and we are incredibly pleased with it. This addition responds to customer demand while allowing us to expand our webshop and product range. It's a win-win!

The shift from oil to lacquer has been applied to our LP holders as well. Check out the impressive result that the LP holder can bring to your (living/bedroom/chill) space! Isn't it cool? Explore the vinyl holders for yourself!

LP holders

Discover our LP holders

De List Vinyl continues to work on providing everyone with their own unique wooden wall decoration. We have taken another step forward with our product development. Thank you for all the feedback over the past period and please keep sharing it with us!