This is how you set up your man cave

Mancave inrichten doe je zo

Transform Your Man Cave with The List Vinyl's Unique Decor

The List Vinyl is designed for decking out your mancave, making it the perfect gift for your buddy's mancave or ideal for sprucing up your very own sanctuary! At The List Vinyl, you've found the right spot.

Mancave Wall Decor

A mancave is your retreat, the place where you unwind while enjoying your favorite music with your favorite people. However, mancave decor can be tricky and easily fall into clichés. Standard mancave decorations are everywhere.

We believe that your personal space deserves personalized mancave decor. Our vinyl record holder or vinyl record frame can assist you in achieving just that. Showcase your musical taste, and suddenly, decorating your mancave becomes a breeze. Notably, our products make it easy for you to adjust the mancave decor to accommodate visitors, occasions, or seasons!

Something Unique on the Wall

With our LP frames or LP holders, you can turn your mancave into a unique bunker where you warmly invite your buddies for a cold, well-deserved beer. Once you've adorned your wall with the LP holder or LP frame, you've set the stage for a good conversation. Whether it's a record from The Beatles or a collection from Michael Jackson, you'll always have something unique on the wall. With this exclusive wall decor, you can transform your mancave into a warm, musical haven.

Decorating Your Mancave

Difficult? Not at all. Anyone can do it with The List Vinyl. Explore our record accessories here!