Vinyl record collectors

Vinyl LP verzamelaars

Boxes full of records for a few euros: the ultimate dream for the vinyl record collectors . I prefer to take the entire package into the car and listen to it at home. Unfortunately, many of these beautiful specimens no longer see the needle. In the worst case scenario, it will not be looked after and this box will be hidden away in the attic with a layer of dust. That is not the intention of the beautiful album covers...

De List Vinyl has developed the vinyl record frame! Every timeless vinyl record deserves a place on the wall. Let the vinyl record cover do his job! And if you want to hear the classic blast again on the record player, you can simply take it our record frame .

Album cover

We at De List Vinyl think it is a shame when the album cover of a timeless copy is often not highlighted when the album is discussed. In the album cover there is also emotion, thought about and spoken about by the artist. Just like the music on the LP, this conveys a message to the fans. For a real one vinyl LP enthusiast the album cover is just as iconic as what is on the vinyl itself. This must be guaranteed and given the attention it deserves.

Cabinets full of vinyl records

The List is for everyone. For the music fanatics who have listened to every record from the 70', 80', 90'. The avid vinyl LP collectors who you know have a large sound system at home, waiting to crackle the new or second-hand purchased vinyl record that comes in. From blues, techno, rock, pop, jazz or raggae: music is emotion. Show who you are by turning your musical taste into decoration with an LP exchange frame from the List. Even if you don't own cabinets full of vinyl records as shown below 😉


View our LP list now for albums in which you can easily hang your favorite vinyl records and take them out when you want to listen to them. Which vinyl record will you put on the list first?