Vinyl record frame for albums: our first product

Ons eerste product: de LP lijst voor albums

 Elevate your favorite vinyl record with the new vinyl record frame from De List Vinyl. This record frame display allows you to effortlessly display a vinyl record on your wall. Every music enthusiast or vinyl record collector has that one favorite album they can't stop talking about. Catering to these music fanatics, De List Vinyl has developed the vinyl record frame for albums. The vinyl record with its cover becomes an instant decoration, giving the LP the attention it truly deserves.

Record frame display

The vinyl record frame is an enhancement to your home decor, fitting seamlessly in the living room, bedroom, office, or even in your man cave above the bar. The record cover is as unique as the music within! Why stow away the vinyl record and cover in a dusty box in the attic when they can make a statement in your interior? Showcase the record that holds special memories for you and represents your musical identity!

Vinyl record frame

Of course, the vinyl record is meant to be used for its intended purpose: the turntable. To relive memories, to go back to that special moment. That's precisely why we designed the vinyl record display to be user-friendly and simple, allowing you to seamlessly transition the vinyl record from the wall to the turntable. Just like that, ready to hang the next album on the vinyl record frame.

Which vinyl record would you like to hang as a decoration on your wall? Explore the vinyl record frame!