Hang up your LP?

Jouw LP ophangen?

Looking for ways to hang your LP? Inspiration works like a fire. Contribute your spark by showing us where your Hang LP frame , LP holders or LP wall shelf . Is it in the hobby room, living room, hallway or the man cave ? And which artist or which album depends on you on the wall ? We are of course very curious. And not just us! Together we build a community within which we inspire each other.

Looking for inspiration?

Can you still use ideas? Then you have also come to the right place. See how others have hung their vinyl accessories. Next to certain instruments, above the record player or next to the poster of the favorite artist. You may see an album on the wall that you also have. Saves yourself another adventure into the attic... Handy! Which albums do you think come out best? Which position on the LP list of others were you surprised by? Let us know by commenting below the blog!

LP list at Bert

At Bert's house there is an LP list with a Bob Dylan album. The colors of the cover match the wood of the LP exchange frame perfectly. The vinyl record on the wall next to the guitar completes the picture. Bert told us that he had used a self-adhesive nail.

LP list at Jan-willem

Jan-Willem sent us a nice photo of it LP hanging system where Queen's album is located. The album is well known because of the band and the music, but the album cover also deserves a place on the wall! The white provides a focus on the colors in the center of the cover. Beautiful photo Jan Willem! We like using it.

LP List at sam

Sam has an LP list in his studio with the A$AP Rocky album. When Sam is working on music, which is often, he switches things up regularly vinyl record on the wall . Very cool to be able to look at the album while those boxers do the work for it.

Hopefully Sam is the next generation vinyl collector and many more photos to follow, Sam!

Build the community!

Does the frame also look good for you? Proud of the place you are LP List and your taste in music? Share this! follow us on Instagram and share photos of your LP list from De List with the tag #delistvinyl

Together we build a community in which musical taste and decoration come together. Who knows this ends?

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