New! LP holders for the wall

Nieuw! LP houders voor aan de muur

Behold our new addition: the handmade LP holders! We are expanding our range. In addition to the LP frame for 12 inches and LP frame for 7 inches, we have developed a new product where the vinyl record no longer needs to be removed from the sleeve. The List Vinyl is unstoppable!

Easily hang LPs

The LP holder has the same purpose as the LP frames, namely to hang the LP on the wall. Hanging the LP on the wall with the new LP holder requires one screw compared to the LP frame. The LP holder is suitable for both albums and singles. The LP does not have to be removed from the sleeve, as it must be in our frames. Do you still want that thick colored vinyl record on the wall? Then check out our LP lists - 12 inches (albums)

Our three colors

We have made the LP holder in three different colors. Of course, the same two colors as the LP frame, so you can easily hang more LPs on the wall next to the LP frame (if you already had one). We have given the oak version a layer of lacquer so that the color is and remains beautiful. We have given the black LP holder a matte look, so that the focus remains on the LP cover. We have also added a walnut look to our color palette. The walnut has the same wooden look as the oak LP holder, but has a slightly warmer shade.

Combine products and colors

The LP holders are offered individually and in sets of three. You can choose from three of the same color or three different colors. This allows you to give your interior the perfect personal touch. We are very curious about all the photos we receive from you!

We also offer sets of LP holders and LP frames (album) in the same colors. This way you can style your interior with three different albums, with your favorite masterpiece in the LP frame. Check out the LP holders here!

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