Housewarming gift

Housewarming cadeau

Thinking of a Housewarming Gift can be very difficult, especially for a good friend. The invitation for the housewarming/birthday/anniversary/ Whatever floats your boat is what you see on your screen. A WhatsApp chat is created: “Housewarming gift” . Everyone keeps pretty much quiet until a week before the housewarming. Ultimately, the rock in the surf -once again- rises. Disappointed with the rest, 'the rock' arranges a gift. Or worse: the person with the least creativity suddenly takes the lead. A group that has known each other for so long comes with a hackneyed gift. Both the recipient and the givers know: more people could have lived here. You are collectively bummed at the housewarming. Lukewarm beer, sour wine & soft chips for you. Rightly so.

LP frame steals the gift show

Coming up with a personal gift can be difficult, correct for people you have known longer. We make some assumptions: you have shared memories of artists or albums. By visiting festivals and concerts, a road trip or world trip, the carefree periods or precisely the period when you were of great use to each other. Memories that are dear to you, but are difficult to make tangible. The List Vinyl offers you the opportunity to show that you have known each other longer than today. You can immortalize that period with our wooden wall decoration. Discover our runners here and decide which album you will give with the gift. You'll have one at the next party housewarming gift that everyone is jealous of; an absolute winner. Good luck with your clothing choice stress, we can't help you with that.

An LP exchange list with matching album. A truly unique housewarming gift. The formula for success for every party. Even if there is no reason, just because you can! Looking for a store that delivers LPs safely and quickly to your home? We recommend Dear Vinyl . Haven't really poked around on our website yet? Then feel free to take a look around.

LP list

LP holders for flexibility

Or choose the LP holders. The LP holders are unique because they can be spread freely on the wall. You are very flexible with the LP holders. The vinyl records are also easy to change when they hang on the wall in the LP holders. Discover the LP holders here !

LP holders

LP wall shelf: Store & display

With the LP wall shelf you can store up to 15 vinyl records on the wall! At the same time you have a unique wall of wall decoration. This is the perfect gift if the lucky person has a few more vinyl records to store. Discover the LP wall shelf here!

LP wall shelf

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