Vinyl record frames (albums)

Discover our vinyl record frame

The vinyl record frames from De List Vinyl are original and contemporary. We were the first company to introduce solid wood vinyl record frames in 2021. The purpose of the vinyl record frame is to showcase your musical preferences. We aim to revolutionize the way vinyl records are displayed on the wall – no more dull frames, but a genuine vinyl record display that befits your favorite album. All our vinyl record frames are designed, crafted, and shipped from the Netherlands.

Vinyl record frame sizes

The vinyl record display adheres to the dimensions of albums and vinyl records, making the frame 40 cm in length and 60 cm in width. The vinyl record frame is approximately 5 cm deep/high.

Vinyl record frame colors

Each vinyl record display is unique, as they are crafted from wood, and every tree possesses a distinct grain pattern. Generally, there are two different variants. The natural, oak vinyl record frame is our best-selling and original product. The oak frame can be hung anywhere and complements any interior. Additionally, we offer a black version of the vinyl record frame, specifically designed for colored vinyl records. The opaque black enhances the colors of the vinyl record or cover, making them stand out even more!

Second chances vinyl record frames

The vinyl record display is unique, even individually. Sometimes, the products may be a bit too unique due to a scratch or a bit too much lacquer. We don't discard these products because that would be a waste. These vinyl record frames are still perfectly usable, and in most cases, you won't even notice any imperfections. We offer these slightly imperfect vinyl record frames at a standard discount. Please note that returns for these discounted items are not possible.

Hanging the vinyl record frame

Hanging your vinyl record frame is a breeze! Each frame comes with pre-drilled holes, and we provide the necessary nails and screws for your convenience. We've included an instruction manual in your package, and you'll also receive a digital copy via email in case you need a quick reminder. Enjoy displaying your vinyl records in a unique and stylish way with our vinyl record display!