Vinyl record holders

Discover our vinyl record holder

The vinyl record holders from De List Vinyl are the perfect flexible solution for displaying vinyl records on the wall. Unlike the sturdy vinyl record frame or vinyl record wall shelf, the vinyl record holders are more compact. These holders provide the option to hang 3 of your vinyl records on the wall. All our vinyl record holders are made of solid oak wood and are specifically designed and crafted for displaying vinyl records on the wall. The holders ensure that the focus remains on the vinyl record cover. Whether you opt for a horizontal presentation, hanging all 3 vinyl records side by side on the wall, or choose to position your vinyl record vertically or perhaps even diagonally – with the vinyl record holders, anything is possible.

LP holder size

The vinyl record holder are made of solid wood, giving it a weightier feel when compared to its size. The dimensions of the Vinyl Record holder are 12 cm in length, 5 cm in width, and 4 cm in height. The holder provides 3 cm of space to hang the vinyl record on the wall.

LP holder colors

Just like the vinyl record frame, the vinyl record holder comes in various colors. You can opt for the natural vinyl record holder, which blends seamlessly into any space in your home. The black vinyl record holder lends a modern touch, offering a contemporary character to your vinyl records on the wall, all while maintaining the warmth of wood. In between, there's the walnut vinyl record holder—an oak holder with a dark finish.

Hang up LP holder

The vinyl record holders come with a pre-drilled hole, and we naturally include the necessary nails and screws. This makes hanging your vinyl records incredibly simple. You will receive an instruction manual included in the package, and we'll also send it to you via email in case you happen to forget.